Snake Control

We provide professional snake removal services in Nairobi Kenya. Venomous snakes are rare, but we can safely identify and remove your snake for you, on your property or in your house. We are available 24-7 for snake removal, and come to your house fast. You can call us right now for snake removal in the Nairobi area.

Pestcare snake control services has always been a success and this we attribute to the research and equipment we deploy to eradicate the snake. As soon as you come across one snake in your compound you should be worried. This is because there is a likelihood that the place is infested with snakes. Our technicians will advise you on how to prevent future occurrence and the same time completely exterminate the pest from your compound. Contact us immediately you discover snakes in your compound and we will come and get rid of them so that you don’t have to worry about safety.

Snake Prevention

Many methods exist in prevention of snake infestation. These include;

  • Control of rodents
  • Clearing of bushes and grass
  • Covering gaps and holes to prevent entry in houses
  • Keeping predator pets like cats, ducks and other poultry

We use various method to exterminate snakes in homes and fields, We have a special chemical control of snakes.

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