Pest control services in kenya

Should You Hire Pest Control Services Company?

Have you ever been disturbed by pests? Have bed bugs ever caused you a sleepless night?  If you haven’t count yourself privileged. But most of us have had very bad experiences with pests. A question of whether you should hire a pest control services company to eradicate the pest will always come up.

In this article I will not only try to answer the question of whether or not you should hire a pest control services company but also other related issues.

Let’s get started.

Step #1: What is Pest Control or Fumigation Services?

In a simple language, pest control is the process of safely getting rid of pests. Such as bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, flies, termites, spiders, bees, snakes or other pests.  Usually they have invaded our space; homes, offices or farms. The process has to undertaken by a certified individual using safe eco-friendly products as some of the chemicals used are still toxic to humans.

Fumigation may be done in different ways and methods. The space to be fumigated has to be covered. A chemical, in sufficient concentration is then released in that space.  The area has to remain closed for a specific number of hours to allow the total killing of the pest in the area.


Step #2: Advantages of Hiring a Professional Fumigation Company

Are you thinking about hiring a pest control services company? If so, you’re probably wondering what kind of benefits there are in hiring a professional registered company, as opposed to handling pest eradication process yourself.

Here are the five biggest benefits you’ll experience when you work with a registered pest control services company.

  1. Safety

Fumigation is a risky operation as the chemicals used can be harmful to humans. It becomes even more dangerous to go and purchase a chemical from a roadside hawker. And without clear instructions, use it to fumigate your living environment. Obviously it will be cheaper. But it may come at the expense of your own health and your loved ones who share the space with you.

On top of this risk, it may not work. The cockroaches and bed bugs may go away for a while but then come back after a short while.

Therefore, though hiring a professional company may seem expensive, it’s cheaper and by far the best option. First you will have a guarantee of eradication despite the level of infestation. And if it doesn’t work, they will come back to with a specified period, usually four months.

Second, you can be sure about the use of safe eco-friendly products certified by the Kenya Pest Control Board. The company will also offer post fumigation advice such as ventilation measure before use to ensure total safety.

  1. TRAINED AND SKILLED STAFF, specialised tools and equipment

When hiring a company, you can be sure the work will be done by someone trained to do fumigation services. What’s more, they use specialized tools and equipment which will helps to ensure all areas are covered. As mention earlier, you will also be advised on post fumigation measures to not only guarantee your safety but also such infestations do not occur in future. Don’t forget about customer support and free consultations in future.


Who wants to deal with the same problem month in month out? Who wants another sleepless night with bed bugs? Who wants another headache with termites? Nobody.

With years of experience and dealing with such pest problems as the one you are facing, you can be sure of guaranteed results. Fast efficient, effective and safe pest control. A professional company by now know what works and doesn’t.

Allow them to do a proper survey to determine the level of infestation. Better still give them accurate information. It may cost you more, but with guaranteed peace of mind from problems caused by pest.


Working at your side interests and spending energy with your family is much better than endeavoring to deal with pest infestations in your home. Hire a professional bug control company to do an effective fumigation process for you.


Step #3: How to Choose the Right Fumigation Company

Having established all the reasons why we need to contract a pest control company then comes the next question.  So how do you pick which company to go with?

We have so many pest control companies in Kenya. It’s easy to get lost weighing up the options. Here are ideas to help you make the right choice.

  1. Reliable customer service

This applies to any industry. Here is how to tell. If a company you are considering is difficult to contact, or unprofessional in their communication, RUN.  You are in for a terrible experience.

You will need them in case their first visit doesn’t work. And if they don’t pick calls or reply emails, you can be sure once you pay them, will never hear from them again.

  1. online reviews

What is best way to find unbiased information about a company? Reviews! You will get these testimonials by searching the company’s website or searching for them such engines like Google or Facebook.

Don’t be fooled by 5 Stars reviews. Don’t be scared by a bad review. Well experienced companies will have both. Check where they came short from the bad review if any. See the company’s response. If they didn’t respond, avoid them.

While contacting the company make sure seek clarification on the issue as previous clients had. Like do you really do a revisit for free or at an extra cost?

As you consult with them, you will know if they are the problem or if the bad review is just from “One of Those Clients”.

  1. years of experience

This is an important factor as mentioned earlier. But having many years of experience may not necessarily translate to quality fumigation services. Some companies become complacent with time. So getting a company with less years of experience may give you better value for money in terms of quality of service you receive.

Experienced companies also may charge very high prices, not necessarily selling quality but brand name.

Therefore, check to ensure the company is registered and has all required certifications. But in terms of experience, let factoring in all other factors mentioned above and pricing, make the final decision.


Step #4: How Fumigation Cost is determined

Here I am going to share how charges and cost of pest control services in Kenya is determined. The cost of pest control services varies depending on a number of factors.

  • You may see different prices and charges in different cities.
  • Different pest control companies may also have different charges.
  • The types of bugs to be eradicated. The price may vary with the type of pest elimination service you need.
  • Kind of treatment done
  • Size of the area or space to be fumigated
  • Level of infestation
  • Frequency of fumigation.