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We offer the best and most professional fumigation and pest control services in Kenya, using only safe, approved, eco-friendly products – for cockroach control and treatment, bed bugs control and treatment, termite control and treatment, rodent control and treatment; ants control and treatment, and pest control treatments for any other types of pests.

Bed bugs control

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you! Sleep sound with bugs today. We offer best bed bugs treatment with a guarantee of total eradication

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Cockroach Control

We provide fast and effective control treatments for Cockroaches ridding them from homes and businesses across Nairobi Kenya.

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Mosquitos Control

Even in the absence of disease transmission, mosquito bites can result in allergic reactions producing significant discomfort and itching

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Termite Control

When it comes to termite attacks prevention is the best solution. If termites attacked your property they cause lots of damage.

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Rat Control

Rat and mice could bring disease to homes. We assess, plan, and carry out specific rat control systems to remove rodents from the premise.

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Ant Control

Ants can be a nuisance at home or workplace, and many of us do not like their presence. We provide reliable pest control services

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Snake Control

If you find a snake in your house, backyard or place of business, call the experts. Generally snakes are shy, reclusive animals

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Bees Control

Are bees in your property becoming an issue? Pestcare provides quality Bee control services to protect you & your loved ones.

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Fleas Control

We utilizes safe, effective, pet friendly and environmentally friendly treatments when carrying out a flea pest control service.

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