Mosquito Control

In addition to being a nuisance and interrupting outdoor activities, mosquitos can pose a threat to human health and well-being. Mosquitos are known carriers of Malaria, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, as well as other lesser-known diseases. Mosquitos can also harm your pets by transmitting heartworms and other diseases.

While there are numerous “over the counter” measures that may be employed to limit mosquito contact, most people can attest to the fact that these measures have a limited and often unnoticeable effect on the local population, resulting in continued mosquito activity. Additionally, a do-it-yourselfer runs the risk of mis-applying products in a manner that may be dangerous to personal safety and environmentally hazardous.

Our approach to mosquito control focuses on treating the resting and breeding sites to reduce local activity. Initially, we perform a full inspection of the property’s exterior, to determine what specific areas will benefit the most from treatment. Our method consists of treating both adult mosquitos on vegetation and treating larvae in standing water areas. Each treatment will help keep local mosquito populations down for approximately 30 days, depending on weather conditions.

Mosquito Prevention

In addition to our treatment, we may make recommendations to the homeowner about effective non-pesticide steps that can be taken to help reduce mosquitos using principles of Integrated Pest Management, also known as IPM, such as:

  • Eliminating standing water from the property,
  • Making sure gutters and downspouts are clean and draining properly,
  • Trimming grass and shrubbery around the home,
  • Keeping trash containers tightly covered,
  • Repairing leaking exterior faucets and/or pipes, and
  • Adding fish to ornamental ponds

Since mosquitos are well adept at traveling and you usually don’t have control of surrounding areas, complete elimination of all mosquitos around your property isn’t possible. However, you are not powerless. We can drastically reduce mosquito populations to more acceptable levels around your home. We would be happy to discuss how we can assist you and answer any questions you may have related to our services.

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